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Other Pillow Machines

The set includes 4-8 pieces. Suitable for making cushions and pillows filled with a mixture of fiber, foam and feather. High productivity, easy to operate.

Ball Fiber Machine ZHD-005-2

Ideal for enhancing the quality of the sofa cushions and pillows because of the better resiliency brought by the ball fiber. Less fiber more resilient.

Foam Shredder ZHD-012-1

Ideal for the recycling of foam to make rebound foam and filling materials for the uniform shape of the foam articles. These articles can be very various.

Automatic Pillow Production Line ZHD-100A/B

Fiber be filled into pillow cases in all directions, no empty space left and without after filling arrangement because of the smooth surface

Fiber Opener Machine ZHD-020

Specially designed for the primarly tearing and opening of fibers, waste yarns and threads, rags and fabrics.

Elastic Belt tensioner ZHD-010

Not only the force stretching each belt is the same but also the elastic belts stapled to the whole batch of sofa frames are with the same tension forces. The distance among each belt and tension force are all adjustable at will. The maximum number of the belt can be tensioned at a time of…