This model can cut almost any geometric pattern wanted for a variety of industries.


  • PU
  • PU soft foam
  • sticky foam
  • latex
  • rebond foam
  • Basotect
  • frame foam
  • PE
GV 6

HV6 is special thanks to the cutting speed and high precision. With a user-friendly control, it becomes a highly efficient and flexible tool for any contour cuts. Besides making great horizontal and vertical cuts, it can also perform a complete cutting of nearly any outline, as its optional turntable greatly increases the range of its applications.


  1. It is suitable for getting small batches of foam and complex designs.
  2. The new model has well designed gearbox, better fastened together internal mechanics, higher cooling performance.
  3. It takes less space at the same high efficiency.
  4. It has a new transmission system for a better synchronization and cutting precision.
  5. Has movable console in order to better observe and operate.
  6. As it is from the same series with the other contour cutting machines, it can work in conjunction with each other. The automation level and efficiency are higher.