With this counter cutting machine, producing a clean cut geometric profile is easy, and the pattern can be used in different industries, including automotive, upholstery, packaging, building, daily products and more.

Materials that can be cut

  • Polyutherane;
  • HR+CMHR;
  • PU flexible foam;
  • Sticky foam, latex;
  • Basotect;
  • Rebond foam;
  • Frame foam;
  • Polyutthylene


The horizontal CNC contour cutting machine can cut any number of shapes, including:

  • lengthened blocks;
  • 2D or simple 3D patterns;
  • wavy, curved regular shapes;
  • irregular shapes.

Technical Parameters


H5 horizontal CNC contour cutting machine is considered to be the most user-friendly foam cutter, thanks to the use of CAD or AUTOCAD. An optional accessory for the foam cutter is a large digitizer table, useful for operators who have difficulties creating a computer generated patterns and allowing them to hand draw the desired pattern.

Then hand drawn pattern is cut into paper at a 1:1 ratio and the paper is placed on the digitizer table. It is recommended to use the curser to trace the pattern and then to input the pattern into the computer using functions such as: copy, auto set type, label, enlarge, shrink.

H5 model doesn’t waste the material, using it as much as possible and also because there is no need for a cutting mold and time and efforts for making it.

It ensures a smooth final surface, not distorted cu punching machines.

It is suitable for producing many single products or small quantities of different products, being necessary for foam processing.

Key features

  1. It can complete basic cutting tasks with a high level of automation;
  2. The rotary working platform features unlimited rotation.