The contour cutting machine can cleanly cut any geometric pattern for any industry that uses foam.

Suitable materials

  • Polyurethane
  • PU flexible foam
  • Sticky foam
  • Latex
  • Basotect
  • Rebond foam
  • Frame foam
  • Polyethylene


  • blocks
  • 2D and 3D products
  • wavy
  • curved
  • other regular or irregular shapes

The model can process foam blocks in any size and from different materials such as memory foam, cleaning foam and latex. Its edit control integrative system can be configured as well.

Its advantages are:

  1. It can cut through soft foam without releasing any dust.
  2. It features a high speed oscillating knife control and knife follow system.
  3. It is highly precise and efficient.
  4. It covers a variety of functions.
  5. When in operation, it gives off very little noise.
  6. This machine is easy to operate
  7. The cutting machine has a nice looking appearance.
  8. The GH3 contour cutting machine is great for many types of foam production and has become the first choice for many companies in the foam industry.

Key features

  • Highly efficient, highly automated meeting basic requirements;
  • the rotary work platform can automatically rotate 90′.
  • The maximum cutting speed depends on the material being cut with the highest of 60m/min.
  • It can be equipped with an optional loading band that is 2800mm-4000mm.