The horizontal foam cutter can cut any geometric profile for many industries

Materials to be cut

  • Polyuretane
  • PU flexible foam
  • Sticky foam
  • latex
  • Basotect
  • rebond foam
  • frame foam
  • polyethylene



This particular machine is ideal for cutting blocks, 2D and 3D products, wavy, curved, regular and irregular shapes.

The machinery is useful for those who need to cut large quantities of foam into irregular shapes. It can cut foam while placed on the worktable either as a whole or in small steps and it has an automatic continuous operation.


  1. It covers a small area of the floor (5% of a similar machine);
  2. The power consumption is low;
  3. It has a high cutting efficiency (a 2-3 times faster cutting speed);
  4. The cutting precision is high thanks to its rotary platform with a pressure rack.
  5. Convenient for packaging and processing simultaneously.
  6. It does not waste the foam, only at a minimum.
  7. it reduces labour and production costs.