LH5 CNC Horizontal Wire Foam Cutting Machine could be utilized to cut thermal insulation material, bed mattress or furniture cushions, car upholstery, packaging materials and other industrial materials.

Materials to be cut

  • EVA
  • rigid foam (PU, PIR, EPS, Phenolic resin etc)
  • flexible foam


  • block
  • wavy
  • curved
  • regular / irregular


LH5 model uses FANUC control system – a more standard and stable one.

This means:

  • 50% better cutting speed;
  • 100% better cutting precision;
  • multiple operation systems:

-motion control system

-FANUC control system

  • manual pulse generator’s instalation makes the cutting machine easy operated
  • optimized working condition: ball screw and slide are all covered by dust guard. In order to ensure timely dust removal, dust collector is also used.
  • hish safety factor: emergency stop button’s installation makes the model safer and prevents personnel/s hurting. The protective guard is orange, eye-catching.