Cushion & Pillow Production Line

The set includes 4-8 pieces. Suitable for making cushions and pillows filled with a mixture of fiber, foam and feather. High productivity, easy to operate. Smooth process from fiber opening, mixing with other materials, to the filling process without jamming.

Cushion and Pillow production line

Cushion & Pillow Production Unit

Suitable for making cushions and pillows filled with short fiber with length less than 100mm without mixing function. 1-2 filling machine can be connected according to the capacity of the fiber opener.

Cushion and pillow production unit

Toy, Feather Down Filler

Ideal for filling with lower air consumption Filling pipe numbers of 2-4 and the diameters of the pipe ranges from 10mm-40mm. Together with fiber opener, blower to make a whole unit.

Fiber opener

Suitable for the opening of all kinds of short fibers (less than 100mm in length) such as cotton, polyester, wool, fleece wastes etc. with remarkable fluffy effects. Compact structure, high power, high productivity, long working life, low cost of maintenance. Equipped with metal detector and safety devices both for the machine and operators. Combined with fiber feeder, collector, they form an automatic fiber feeding, opening collecting system.

fiber opener

Fiber Collector

The collecting is for filling fiber into plastic bags. The fast-lock system allows different width length of the bags. The weight of the fiber is controlled by an adjustable timer.

fiber collector

Vacuum Packing Machine

The welding time, intensity, cooling time are all adjustable. Equipped with thermo-sealing device, ideal for vacuum packing of pillows and cushions to reduce the cost and storage space. Operated by pneumatic and electrical devices, safe to use.

vacuum packing machine

Foam Shredder


Foam wastes can be shredded into articles with sizes ranging from 3-20mm.

The form article size can be altered by changing the sift aperture diameters. Equipped with over-load safety device.




Suitable for mixing materials such as fiber, foam and feather etc. while making cushions and pillows. The materials mixed are kept rotating by a fast moving stirring device to ensure uniform suction effects and unblocked filling process.

Filling Machine



Ideal materials for filling are fiber, foam shreds nad wool. Easy to operate with the foot-valve. 2,3,4 inch filling pipe are available by request.

Cushion covering machine


Easy to operate, almost maintenance free. Suitable for materials such as polyurethane, latex form, wool wastes, kapok and down. Other models for different sized cushions are also available for special needs by request.

Matress Covering Machine

Suitable for matress covering. the width and thickness are all adjustable at will.

Lifting Table

The upholstering, glue-spraying, assembling, checking, packing processes become easy in sofa-making industry by using the table. The working height are adjustable at will by a foot-valve. Safe to use, it remains where it is even if the air supply is cut off. It can be made rotation able and equipped with rollers and casters on top or at the bottom of the table respectively on request.

Cloth Rolling & Testing Machine

Best for testing fabrics made of different materials. Measuring length electronically, switch from meter to lunch automatically with wide speed range.