We can supply prime polyurethane foam scrap and visco scrap.

We ship 40’ containers of baled material with a weight ranging 18000 kg.

Trim Foam Off-Cuts typically produced in factories using foam as part of the manufacturing process.
This scrap foam all come from polyurethane foam and furniture factory.
Density range: 15 – 50 kg/m3
Color: mixed
Packaging: In compressed bales from between 250 to 450 kgs per bale.
Containers: 40' High Cube containers only containing no less than 15,000 kgs
Packaging in compressed by bales.

It’s mostly used for the production of re-bonded foam for furniture, mattress, bedding, pillow, Insoles, sports padding, carpet padding and carpet underlay or used for the production of shredded foam for pillow fillings, cushion fillings, toy fillings.